About us


Raw Milk

Fresh and pure milk hygienically delivered directly from farm to door

Healthy Blends

Everyday quality control check and No added chemicals & preservative which is good healthy bones, mind and body

Vitamin Packed

Rich in proteins and calcium, suitable for your family to boost your immunity

Available local

We are already in Siddipet, Karimnagar, Ramayanpet, Warangal, with higenic and safe plants and now we are expanding to hyderabad.

About us

  • We act as a bridge between the farmers whom we finance and the consumers whom we serve
  • We use advanced testing and quality control techniques to ensure our milk is utmost safe and genuine.
  • We do not take days but hours to reach customers with freshly collected milk.
  • We strive for consistent quality & yearn to provide great service experience.
  • Our by-products are made from the same milk our customers consume daily.
  • For every 1 liter of milk, we contribute Rs 2 to farmers welfare fund